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    January 29, 2016 | News
  • Lohri 2016: 7 authentic recipes to try out this Lohri
    India is a treat to connoisseurs of religious traditions and festivals and also the special treats that come along with it. Just like any other festival in the country, the upcoming festival of Lohri also brings with many perks of authentic food …
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    Thank these Indian states for inventing such unique culinary delights!
    And if you happen to be in India, then the other best thing you can enjoy is its cuisine. That's because each state has its own special food and on top of that they all are vegetarian. So here's a list of traditional vegetarian recipes from Indian …
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    Pani Puri Revolution: 5 New Recipes for the Humble Indian Snack
    The combination of tangy sweet chutney with potato, beans and that green masaledar water, is a taste like no other. The humble pani puri – whose origins are widely contested and mostly unknown – has truly crossed all land boundaries and is a household …
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