• Choosing The San Diego Catering Companies

    April 7, 2016 | News
  • If the idea of a great party involves the 50-wing platter from reputed restaurant, read no farther. But if customer is thinking of hiring a San Diego Catering Companies to help out next time he or she throw a party at home, here are a few pointers. As soon as customer has decided on a date for the party, call caterers and ask about their availability. Keep in mind that schedules fill up fast for holidays and week-ends. For a Tuesday-night party in the off-season, customer might be able to book a caterer with only a few days’ notice. Bigger and more complex events, however-say, a wedding reception—need to be booked six months to a year in advance. customer should talk with the caterer at least three times: a first time to get a general feel for the kind of food and services they offer; a second time to commit to doing the event with a specific caterer; and a third time, right before the party, to nail down all the details. At every stage, ask lots of questions, and get answers in writing.

    Ask how setup and clean-up are handled and charged for. Ask about tipping. Make sure the caterer is insured and bonded, and that anyone serving liquor is licensed and trained to do so. The caterer should also provide proof of a recent inspection by the county health department. Review cancellation policies; a sudden snowstorm isn’t the fault, but if the caterer has purchased and prepped the food, customer will be on the hook for at least some of the costs. Also ask the caterer how knowledgeable they are with less-glamorous issues, such as portable toilets and electricity. Customer doesn’t want his or her first dance to be starting, and the circuits blow.

    Be prepared at the second meeting to give the san diego catering companies a deposit, which might be 10 to 25 percent of the estimated total for the party. This usually triggers the signing of a contract, too, though smaller outfits may not be so formal. Still, a contract is a good way to ensure that no surprises will come up at the last minute. The contract has every detail, from the menu to the color of the table skirting to the scoops for ice at the bar. It is important to meet the caterers or company directly and speak about the event and number of guests and the type of event that is going to take place.

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