• About

  • Our History

    With traditions and values deeply rooted in the heart of Mexico, "Eat With Alma" was born from a passion to provide to others dishes that are superb in flavor, memorizing to the eyes and memorable. You see, Founder, Alma Packer had a dream, a passion that she was determined to bring alive. And one day 8 years ago she decided to follow her heart and pursue her passion of creating eats that would have others quickly raving about them. As one customer has stated "She has Gold in those hands"!

  • Our Philosophy

    To simply serve the world small and or large bites of delectable eats from the magic and passion of each and every 'Eat With Alma" staff members hands and love. To always provide the highest level of service that will in turn help manifest an experience that is unforgettable no matter what your occasion might be.