• 16 Vegan Holiday Dessert Recipes That Are Surprisingly Decadent

    December 12, 2015 | News
  • 16 Vegan Holiday Dessert Recipes That Are Surprisingly Decadent
    Every holiday season, I love turning on the oven and putting on a good movie to do some baking. But you don't need to indulge in dairy and eggs to get festive — there are plenty of delicious vegan holiday dessert recipes that you can make that …
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    Peppermint Dessert Recipes That Mean It's Really Christmastime
    Peppermint is a major player in making the holiday season great. Once Thanksgiving passes, and we've tired of our pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint recipes reinvent all of our favorite foods — and it's always great, except when in the form of Pringles.
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    Thanksgiving 2015 Last-Minute Dessert Ideas: 5 Easy, Quick Recipes For Pumpkin
    Everything is perfect. And that's when you remember that you've forgotten to make dessert. Don't panic. Here are five last-minute Thanksgiving dessert recipes that are perfect when you're in just such a pinch. Read on for pumpkin bars, apple Dutch …
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    Vegan holiday dessert recipes
    Co-Owners of Purple Sprout Cafe, Irina Kuznetsova and Karim Raimbekov, visited the ABC7 State Street studios in Chicago to show a few healthy desserts to enjoy for the holiday season. For more information about the purple sprout Cafe, check out their …
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